Alpha Grant Solutions (AGS) is a company committed to empowering nonprofits with solutions to fit their needs. AGS shares a nonprofit passion, but we also know that organizations that work for “social good” cannot run on passion alone. In order to be successful, nonprofits require sustainable funding and loyal supporters. Our company offers a full menu of services that successfully partner with seasoned nonprofits as well as new organizations in the start-up phase. Our services range from grant writing, fundraising, event management and communication services to assisting with IRS and State filing for nonprofit status.

AGS services were developed with our clients’ unique needs in mind. We view our role as that of a strategist, partner, and facilitator – helping our clients strategically develop and mobilize resources to achieve greater social impact. The social sector faces a unique set of challenges, so we do more than develop strategy and recommendations; we maintain our partnership through the implementation process to help our clients achieve measurable outcomes.

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Alpha Grant Solutions goal is to help passionate organizations achieve success in their communities.  As all organizations have a social mission to improve the quality of life through various means; Alpha Grant Solution’s mission is to facilitate that vision through increasing awareness and financial means.  Alpha Grant Solutions focus of service is understanding and embracing the welfare and needs of its clients.

Alpha Grant Solutions vision is to move toward a better future.  AGS works with organizations to discover which of AGS’ services suits best to achieve the organizations goals.  AGS accomplishes their vision through services that are offered, such as; grant writing, fundraising and special events, and research.

Alpha Grant Solutions has a strong core value:
Leadership and Teamwork - AGS is committed to building effective partnerships.
People Centered - AGS focus of service is on understanding and embracing the welfare and needs of its clients.
Strong communication skills – AGS values open communication within the AGS team and with its clients.
Integrity and Accountability – AGS believes in the highest standards of conduct in dealing with clients, team members and the community.
Respect – AGS respects and values the diversity of each client we serve and are mindful of treating everyone with the utmost consideration, dignity and respect.

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