AGS’s technological staff is versed in all areas of research and utilizes our familiarity within the non profit world to gain knowledge and information that may otherwise be overlooked. Belonging to memberships and subscriptions, we are able to retrieve data that is not readily available.

Our list of research services include, but are not limited to:

Current and future Grant Opportunities
Alpha Grant Solutions has an experienced research staff that is continually looking for opportunities for our clients. Researching grant opportunities is extremely time consuming for most as they are unaware of the areas to search in, but Alpha Grant Solutions research staff has access to many opportunities that you may not be aware of. We offer monthly packages where we provide a weekly list of grant opportunities from both federal and private entities. You may choose to have one of our staff writers complete the proposal for you or you can have your staff write the proposal themselves.

Specific Grant Opportunities
If you are searching for grant funding opportunities, Alpha Grant Solutions Research staff has access to many potential opportunities. We will take the time to discuss your exact requirements and base our search on fitting your needs. As grants are often for specific uses, we will match the funding opportunities to your particular need. You may choose to have AGS staff writers complete the proposal for you or you can have your staff write the proposal.

Industry-specific trends
Alpha Grant Solutions offers research in industry specific trends. We are constantly educating ourselves in both the non profit and corporate industries to keep up to date on new trends and maintain a fresh perspective in the fields we work in. We feel this will maintain our success in the field. That being said, we offer research that will keep your agency in the know, and will aid in maintaining the organizations status in the community. Partnership with proprietary software companies to achieve research to fit the client’s needs and a successful outcome.